Yolande Jimenez

Tribute to Life

Yolande Jimenez is the founder and designer of the exclusive & luxurious bag and accessory brand Yolande Jimenez. The slogan of the brand is ‘Tribute to Life’. This means that each creation of Yolande Jimenez is a tribute to life. Because Yolande cherishes life:

“Through personnal experiences and significant moments, I come to realize every day how valueable life is. And that is what I like to pass on as the message of my brand.”

My Lifestory

My life story has made me to the woman, entrepreneur and designer that I am now and ignited the interest to mean something to this world and make the difference. Since I am originally a biologist, my interest goes to the beauty of nature, sustainability and the use of natural products.

Due to my interest in other cultures, I travelled on a regular basis to Asia. During my visits to the Philippines, the use of beautiful different exotic materials and nice handicrafts got my attention.

Own exclusive bag collection.

I came in touch with a Filipina bag designer, that unfortunately passed away already, and discovered possibilities for a shared co-operation and a new interest: the production of my own handmade, exclusive bag and accessory collection.

Care Program

For me the pieces fell into their right places, the poverty that I have seen over there gave me the idea not only to produce beautiful bags, but also to give something back to the community at the same time.

That’s why part of the revenues from the bags and accessories will support the Yolande Jimenez Care Program.

Make a difference!

I am convinced that anybody can make a positive difference in this world.

With my mission and the collection of accessories of the Yolande Jimenez Brand, I can make it much easier for women to make valuable contribution to the lives of others. So that they won’t only look amazing with their YJK bag, but also feel amazing and meaningful with the knowledge that their choice makes the difference.”

– Yolande Jimenez

“Live your life fully and creatively. It is your masterpiece after all.”