Art Jewelry Collection

All jewelry from the Art Jewelry Collection are works of art in themselves. Each piece of jewelry is unique in shape and colour. The jewelry is made of a white sybthetic fabric that is painted by hand and then processed into jewelry. The back of the jewelery is also hand painted. The jewelry is colourfast and gives every outfit a colourful upgrade.

The material used for the jewelry is very light and strong, which makes the jewelry ideal for people with neck problems, for example. Because most necklaces with cord are incorporated in a sliding system, the necklaces can be worn at all kinds of heights and ways. If there is a preference for a spang, the relevant piece of jewelery can be adjusted. The bracelets fit every wrist due to the bendable metal system that has been used.

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry for a certain item of clothing, a piece of jewelry can always be made to size and colour.

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