Yolande Jimenez Exclusive Shawl Collection

The colourful ornate shawls of the Yolande Jimenez Exclusive Shawl Collection consist of 100% silk. The shawls are hand painted and colour combinations of the shawls are carefully composed. A basic black dress is transformed with these shawls into an exclusive stylish and chic outfit. Because they can be draped in multiple ways, there is a lot of variation possible for all occasions. Casually for a lunch appointment or carefully draped with a special brooch or shawl ring for a chic night out.

The silk shawls with felt are first hand painted and fixed, after which an exclusive design with wonderfully soft colourful Merino wool and unspun silk fiber is made on the silk shawl in beautiful colour combinations and mixing shades. Then the shawl is felted by hand. After felting, the shawls are still wonderfully supple and soft. The shawls can be draped in several ways and secured with a beautiful brooch. Wonderfully warm for the winter but also for a cool summer evening!