Python Half Moon Leather Tote Bag


Tote Bag

The Python Half Moon Leather Tote Bag is exclusive and stylish at the same time. The handbag is made of good quality écru leather with a Python snakeskin dessin and has been finished with black cow leather. Each outfit gets an upgrade with this exclusive bag, you’ll wear this bag with pleasure. The bag closes with a zipper and has a nice solid black lining. There is enough space for all your daily essentials, because the bag has one large and three small inner compartments. One of the small compartments has a zipper. The size of the bag is 36 x 21 x 10 cm.

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Width 36 cm x height 21 cm x depth 10 cm.


Écru & black leather with a snakeskin print. The leather consists of several layers of genuine leather of which the top layer is pressed in snakeskin pattern. The leather is of good quality, is colourfest and remains beautiful when used.


Zipper closure.

Number of Compartments

One large compartment with 3 small inner compartments, of which one with zipper.


Luxurious plain black lining with python leather piping.


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