Solana Gold Biwa Pearl Necklace

If you like gold then the Solana Gold Biwa Pearl Necklace is highly recommended. This necklace is made of beautiful gold colour Biwa freshwater pearls in combination with small round pearls. The gold colour of this pearl necklace makes it rare and distinct. It combines beautifully with brown clothes or with white summer outfit. With length of 54 cm and with gold on silver decorative lock, you can wear this necklace in different ways. The lock with pendant of 4 cm can be worn either in the middle or sideways. It is always nice to introduce some variations! Of course there are matching earrings available to suit the Solana Gold Biwa Pearl Necklace. Just click here.

Additional information


Gold Biwa freshwater pearls combined with small round pearls and gold on silver ornamental lock.


The length of the necklace is 54 cm and of the hanger 4 cm.


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