My husband Jan was asked to join an exhibition with his paintings organized by Yolande Jimenez in her studio. From the start on we were impressed by her paintings, beautiful juwelry and silk shawls with felt, but most of all by her wonderful and exclusive bags.

I bought a red bag together with a beautiful jewelry from her.

I get so many positive responses from people when I carry my bag.

I think she is very noble because by selling her bags, she supports an education project for underprivileged Filipino women to give them a better future.



Carla Hilgerson

Carla Hilgerson

While initiating a global Women Empowerment chapter in The Hague, I came in touch with Yolande Jimenez. Her story, artistic ability and accessory designs intrigued me. In my opinion, her bag designs are unique and outstanding in combination with exotic natural materials. The hand painted silk lining in each makes the pieces an artistic masterpiece. The shell clutch which caught my attention, was a splendid exclusive design.

In addition to her entrepreneurial mindset, I appreciate Yolande’s charity project to support the education of underprivileged women in the Philippines by means of the Yolande Jimenez Care Program. Part of the revenues benefits this ongoing project.

I love supporting fellow entrepreneurs, near and far. And as an artist myself, I wanted to show appreciation by supporting these beautiful works of art. I bought the Serena Shell Clutch White / Black from Yolande Jimenez to wear for the first time, during the Women Economic Forum. I’ve also worn it few more times for other events. I carry the Serena Shell Clutch with pride, because it’s a symbol of making a difference and contributing to a better world…while looking fabulous!

Sukai Ceesay

I bought three handbags from Yolande Jimenez, one evening bag and two leather bag for daily use.

The strength of these beautiful handcrafted handbags is, that it shows who you are and who you want to be.

The bags are practical pieces of artwork that a woman can use every day. The lining is handpainted and no handbag is the same.

By buying this beautiful piece of artwork you also contribute to the education and employment opportunities for women on the labourmarket in The Philippines.

The exclusiveness is the handbag itself and not the logo which is the case with so many so called exclusive handbags.


Lily Potsdammer

Lily Potsdammer